Founder’s Fair

Tindeuchen Lodge has all sorts of fun activities for Arrowmen during the Founder’s Fair on Saturday afternoon.┬áThe list of events will be released soon! Events from last year’s Conclave included:

  • A lightsaber duel to the death over the “Pit-O-Doom!” The loser falls into a pool of cold water!
  • Afternoon stage shows, including…
    • OA Jeopardy
    • Arrowmen Idol
    • The Section C-6B Spelling Bee
  • Screen print your own t-shirt!
    • Designs will be available for both light- and dark-colored shirts.
    • Arrowmen must bring their own t-shirt.
    • The cost for screen printing will be $5 per shirt.
  • Visit the Indian Village, where you can see dance, drum, and ceremony teams from other lodges!
  • Enjoy time with your fellow Arrowmen in various field games, including “Giant Jenga” and bounce houses!
  • Visit trading posts from all five lodges, and trade patches with Arrowmen from across the section!
  • Attend a question and answer session with our Section Chief, as well as all other special guests!